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I have a feeling the question on your mind right now is... "What will this cost me?"
OK here it is...

the fee for a "Web Site" listing is $200.00 (US dollars) per year
the fee for a "Contact" listing is $100.00 (US dollars) per year

Busy? Cut to the chase... if not please enjoy my spiel!

If you have attempted to use the internet to locate a vertical transportation consultant or inspector you know that the search engines will return literally thousands of web sites which have nothing to do with vertical transportation. The industry associations that should be providing this information have dropped the ball entirely. I won't mention any names but most of the time these sites require the viewer to be a member of the organization or register to qualify for a look at their list of consultants/inspectors. If you are a consultant/inspector and happen to be a member of the organization or a subscriber to their magazine you might be offered a free listing of a link to your web site or possibly a minimum amount of contact information space. Quite often any list provided will include numerous "dead" links because no one is maintaining the list and/or the site. While compiling my list of consultants and inspectors I couldn't help but notice that most of my "surfing" lead to dead ends. At times I thought I might be on the verge of viewing a large list of potential candidates for my site and discovered nothing but information I could not use. I practically wore out my mouse pointing and clicking!

We have all waited long enough for a web site devoted entirely to the search for vertical transportation consultants and inspectors. I have decided to host the largest, most accurate, and easy to use web site of all the consultant/inspector listing sites on the internet.

As of May 18th, 2013 I have accumulated 484 web sites and contacts advertising vertical transportation consulting and inspection services. I decided to list these sites and contacts as a "service" to my fellow vertical transportation enthusiasts. Recently I was asked by the owner of one of these sites to allow advertising on my web site. I have refrained from any commercialization of my original web site ( but I think Vertical Transportation Consultants & Inspectors is a good idea for both you and me. I have the time and patience to maintain a neat, clean and up-to-date web site. Besides, I enjoy this type of work - it is a way to "keep the mind sharp" and there is absolutely no heavy lifting involved!

I am offering listings in the following 3 formats:


Bob Desnoyers Elevator & Escalator Inspections, Inc.
QEI certified vertical transportation inspections in California

The "Free" format is limited to two lines of information. The first line will be the company's name and it will be a hyperlink to your web site. The second line will basically state whether you are a consultant, inspector, and/or expert witness and where your main office is located. It is absolutely free and it will be maintained to provide the most up-to-date information possible.


 Bob Desnoyers     QEI Certified Elevator Inspector 

I am a QEI certified inspector and most of my inspections are performed in California.

For more information please contact:

Bob Desnoyers
78170 Sombrero Court
Bermuda Dunes, CA 92203
Phone: 1.760.772.2511   Fax: 1.760.772.2511   Cell: 1.760.801.8903

 Envelope E-mail Bob Desnoyers  Envelope

The "Contact" format is designed primarily for the individual or organization that does not have a web site. The fee for this type of listing is $100.00 (US dollars) per year.

 Web site

 Bob Desnoyers Elevator & Escalator Inspections, Inc. 

 Visit Bob Desnoyers Elevator &  Escalator Inspections, Inc.

Bob Desnoyers Elevator & Escalator Inspections, Inc. is a full service QEI certified (through the National Association of Elevator Safety Authorities) vertical transportation inspection company located in Bermuda Dunes, California. I specialize in acceptance, 5-year, periodic, and routine inspections of elevators, escalators, moving walks, platform lifts, and dumbwaiters in the Southwestern United States. My fees are reasonable and my service is exceptional.

For more information please contact:

Bob Desnoyers   QEI Certification No. C-1117
78170 Sombrero Court   Bermuda Dunes, California 92203
Office/Fax: 1.760.772.2511       Mobile: 1.760.801.8903

 Envelope E-mail elevatorbob...  Envelope

 elevatorbob Web Site: Bob Desnoyers Elevator & Escalator Inspections, Inc.

The "Web Site" format is designed for the individual or organization that does have a web site. The fee for this type of listing is $200.00 (US dollars) per year. The size of this listing is approximately a "full monitor screen."

Some of the features of this format are:

1 - There are a minimum of 3 hyperlinks per listing:

 Icon Logo the first time your name or company is mentioned (in the white highlight box)
 Icon Logo under every image or logo that is displayed (maneuver your mouse pointer over my listing for a preview)
 Icon Logo at the end of your listing - just in case a potential customer is not computer savvy...I spell it out for them - " Web Site: "

2 - Clicking your e-mail address will open the customer's e-mail program with both addresses (yours and theirs) inserted into the correct fields. We can customize the subject line as needed.

3 - I will design your listing by utilizing key portions of your web site content and images - or you can send me something to work with. I designed many of the current listings. Remember, I'm not a graphic artist so - you may have some better ideas - good... send them to me. I am trying to present a "snapshot" of your web site. Designing your listing is included in the fee as long as it does not become too complicated. Remember, our goal here is to steer them over to your web site where the "real magic" begins!

4 - As you can see...the "Web Site" listing gives you command of the entire screen. There is nothing to distract your potential customer from your information. You have their undivided attention.

5 - Your site's logo becomes a part of the "Featured Listing Display" - a random rotation of images displayed just beneath the logo for each geographical area. If you visit one of the featured listings displayed below and return to this site, the image and corresponding hyperlink will change. (Remember, a random selection is made from a list of web sites - if the list is short, New Zealand has only 4 listings, the same site may reappear.) Clicking your browser's refresh/reload button will produce the same results. You might also note that clicking the geographical icon will take you to a map of that location.

 Go to a map of the United States

 Visit The Elevator Consultants
Visit the web site of our featured listing



 Go to a map of Canada

Our featured listing is...



 Go to a map of the United Kingdom

Our featured listing is...



 Go to a map of Australia

Our featured listing is...



 Go to a map of New Zealand

Our featured listing is...



 Cut to the chase

A summary of what you and your potential customers will and will not receive when advertising on the
Vertical Transportation Consultants & Inspectors web site.


Features you will receive:

 GOOD!! A content rich web site containing nothing but vertical transportation consultant and inspector listings
 GOOD!! A well maintained, easy to read, and frequently updated web site
 GOOD!! A web site that is maintained by a person, not a program, on a regular basis
 GOOD!! A web site that takes you directly to the site you think you are going to - not another "consultant/inspector" search site
 GOOD!! There are two identical copies of this web site on the internet - here and here. I am getting pretty good search engine placement at the present time -, search, search, search, search, and search
 GOOD!! My web site host is usually very reliable...but I can't predict the future
 GOOD!! Your potential customers will just cruise in and cruise out at their leisure - no sign in - no hassles
 GOOD!! If you purchase a "Web Site" listing your icon will be included in the "Featured Listing Display" - a random rotation of company logos within a geographical area
 GOOD!! When your grand kids inherit your business you can tell them that "you where there" when the "go to" vertical transportation consultant and inspector web site was commissioned back in '06!
 GOOD!! All of my code is written in XHTML 1.1 and it is in compliance with the specifications of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). It renders perfectly on at least 6 different browser types - Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, Opera, Avant, and Netscape
 GOOD!! Once you agree to purchase a listing your yearly fee will never increase. You will have the same rate for the life of your listing or my life...whichever ends first. (Don't get too excited...I'm almost sixty years old!)
 Bad stuff!

Features you will not receive:

 BAD!! No pop-up ads
 BAD!! No tracking cookies
 BAD!! No ads or listings that do not pertain to vertical transportation consultations, inspections, or organizations
 BAD!! No sign-up requests or login hassles
 BAD!! No "broken links" - every link will be personally checked by elevatorbob on a weekly basis
 BAD!! No set-up fees - everything is included in the listing fee
 BAD!! No redirects - my links take you directly to the web site
 BAD!! No prizes, gimmicks, contests, or "free vacations" - just great advertising exposure at a fair cost
 BAD!! No tiny ads - the "Web Site" format is designed to showcase one listing at a time
 BAD!! Once you sign-up and pay for your listing you won't hear from me again unless you send me an e-mail requesting information and/or an update to your listing - which are free


Interested? Please e-mail me at elevatorbob
Become a part of the Vertical Transportation Consultants & Inspectors web site!


 Visit Vertical Transportation Consultants & Inspectors

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